Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE), A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad System Design and Consulting has been in operations since May 1994, provides an array of services to our clients. PRE's staff have amassed an impressive accumulation of railroad communications and signal expertise in the areas of railroad freight, light rail, commuter and transit signal design, inspection, construction management and maintenance services.

  • A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad Signal Design and Consulting
  • Certified Small Business - CA No. 36200
  • California DBE, NAICS Codes 541330, 541340, 541512
  • Washington DBE No. D2F0024183
  • Texas DBE/WBE - CIN #WFDB91595N0119
  • Oregon DBE/WBE - Certification Number #8559
  • New Mexico DBE No. 18-02-630
  • Utah DBE


PRE’s Joint Venture Adventure, All Aboard for 2028!

Date: April, 2018

PRE’s Joint Venture Adventure, All Aboard for 2028!

PRE is gearing up to help LA Metro and Mayor Eric Garcetti implement the Twenty-Eight by ’28 plan. This ambitious plan will complete and accelerate 28 transportation projects before the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in the Los Angeles area. The Olympics provides a visible milestone on the world stage for several Measure M funded projects.

The timing for this initiative could not be better. PRE recently participated in its first Joint Venture with LTK Engineering Services and fellow DBE firms NBA Engineering, Inc and Ramos Consulting Services, Inc. to form SECOTrans. The purpose of this Joint Venture was to compete for Metro’s Systems Engineering and Support Services Contract. This strategic contract aims to focus a large but specialized team to implement systems engineering across large scale concurrent projects in a consistent manner. The Contract is for a term of 7 years with 3 one-year options – a perfect alignment with 2028! The LA Metro board awarded SECOTrans this contract on April 26, 2018.

PRE’s President and CEO, Jennifer Purcell stated, “This contract is an amazing opportunity for PRE to play a significant role in shaping LA transportation. LA Metro’s program for small and disadvantaged businesses made our participation on this large contract a reality. We thank LTK Engineering Services for partnering with PRE in a mentorship role for our first Joint Venture experience. Our train control and communications staff are proud to contribute their talents to projects that will keep our region moving. We are excited to roll up our sleeves and get to work!”

City of Riverside Walk to End Homelessness 2017

Date: April, 2017

City of Riverside Walk to end Homlessness 2017

On Saturday, April 8th 12 of PRE’s employees, 2 spouses, 3 children and 3 lucky dogs participated in the fourth annual Walk to End Homelessness in historic Fairmount Park. The goal of this charity walk is to raise awareness of wellness programs offered in the city, to provide individuals and families the necessary items needed to transition into permanent housing, obtain employment and improve lives. With the 373 participating walkers $37,746.00 was raised and will be used to directly assist the homeless population. PRE is proud to support the Walk to End Homelessness, if you would like more information here are some links.

For more information,

These links list the shelters and programs that Riverside has implemented in their plan:

2016, A Year of Renewal!

Date: Jan, 2017


Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE) had a busy year pursuing contract renewals with many of our long term clients. This gave our team a chance to trade in boots for suits and showcase our accomplishments, demonstrating just how PRE contributes as a high value DBE firm. At the end of the year, as a result of our hard work, the scorecard looked great!

  • SCRRA: PRE was proud to be ranked #1 amongst the responsive firms for this contract. This honor was earned by our highly experienced team who has worked many years on SCRRA property. PRE was awarded a 5-year, $25 million dollar contract to perform PTC Communications and Signal On-Call Services.
  • NCTD: PRE was selected as the sole firm to provide On-Call Signal Engineering. PRE was awarded a 7-year, $5 million dollar contract to continue our decade long relationship with NCTD, providing designs for their Coaster and Sprinter service.
  • SANDAG: PRE competed in the small contracts category to provide On-Call Engineering and Architecture Design Services. PRE was awarded a 5-year, $4 million dollar contract with a diverse team that included 3 DBE firms and 2 SBE firms. Our theme during the presentation was “Small, but Mighty!”
  • MTS: PRE was selected to provide On-Call Engineering and Architecture Design Services for MTS. PRE will have 5 years to compete for $15 million dollars in MTS Engineering projects. PRE is excited to serve MTS during an exciting period of trolley renewal and service expansion projects.

PRE’s President, Jennifer Purcell stated “I am thrilled to see our clients reinforce their confidence in PRE by awarding these contracts. At PRE, we begin each day with a renewed sense that we must earn our clients’ business by providing them with outstanding technical leadership. These accomplishments are directly attributed to our talented members of the PRE team, and the difference they make for our clients.”

WTS San Diego Chapter Rountable

Date: August, 2016


On Thursday, August 25th, the WTS San Diego County Chapter held a Women Business Owners' Roundtable Discussion. This roundtable discussion aimed to provide unprecedented access to women business owners within our industry and unique opportunities to network that benefit our members.

The roundtable discussion addressed a wealth of information regarding business ownership ranging from overcoming obstacles to assembling your team to work-life balance. Our panel of business owners explored how women can build their companies and leverage them for success.

Special thanks to our presenters and moderator, who committed time and expertise at this event.

  • Jennifer Purcell - President/CEO of Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc.
  • Teresa Wilkinson - Principal/Owner of TTG Environmental & Associates
  • Holly Rockwell - President of Epic Land Solutions, Inc.
  • Tamara Badkerhanian-Ganev - President/CEO BSE Engineering, Inc.
  • Patricia McColl - Group Director of Rail at HNTB Corporation
  • Marilyn Duffey - CEO of The Duffey Company

Back to school time is coming! 2016

Date: August, 2016

Back to school time is coming! PRE employees have generously donated school supplies to families supported through Riverside’s Ending Homelessness Program. Through these donations, we were able to assemble backpacks filled with school supplies for 16 children. We hope these back to school supplies generate hope and excitement in the children for school and learning. Enabling education is one powerful way to make a difference in our local community. Perhaps we will inspire them to consider the transportation industry as a future career!

City of Riverside Walk to End Homelessness 2016

Date: April, 2016

On April 2nd, 2016, several PRE employees participated in Riverside's Walk to End Homelessness at nearby Fairmount Park. This annual event supports our community's local homeless and veterans. PRE's main office, located in downtown Riverside, reminds us that we can all play a role in combating homelessness. PRE employees, family members and even a few pets showed up early on a beautiful day to enjoy the two mile walk in the sunshine. The morning was full of smiles, dancing to the deejay music and positive energy from the collective group with this important mission of caring for others. PRE knows that we are a powerful group when working, playing and serving our community together.

For more information,

In June of 2015, Riverside Mayor Rusty Baily accepted a nationwide effort to end veteran homelessness in Riverside. The goal was to permanently house 86 homeless veterans that had been identified by name by December 31, 2015. These identified veterans were living on the streets, parks, shelters, vehicles and other places not meant for human habitation. Many of these veterans were suffering from physical disabilities, mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders and lack of social infrastructure. Through collaborative efforts with community partners such as the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the Housing Authority of the County of Riverside, Department of Mental Health, Department of Public Social Service, U.S. Vets and Lighthouse, permanent housing interventions were provided for 89 homeless veterans by December 31, 2015. Through community collaboration, each of us can find a way to show our gratitude and give back to those men and women who proudly served us. In doing so, we can help ensure that Veterans have a safe place to permanently call home. As of April 2016, the program has been able to permanently house 125 veterans! In addition, the program houses the chronically homeless and families.

Jim Hirsch successful 44 year career in the railroad industry

Date: December 17, 2015

After a successful 44 year career in the railroad industry, James Hirsch is retiring from PRE. Jim worked for the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe Railway, (AT&SF) the Southern California Regional Rail Authority, (SCRRA) and served in the United States Army. He founded Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. in 1994. In Southern California, Jim has built strong working relationships with BNSF, SCRRA, ACTA, Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, SANBAG, NCTD, and SANDAG. In addition, he performed work for Caltrain, Sound Transit, Disneyland, and New Mexico Rail Runner.

Jim’s capstone has been his signal design contributions towards the Mid-Coast Trolley project, which will extend San Diego Trolley service from the Santa Fe Depot in Downtown San Diego to the Westfield UTC transit center.

PRE’s President/CEO, Jennifer Purcell, described Jim as having the “steadfast dedication and stubborn conviction to achieve the best outcome for each project. These principles have driven his numerous contributions, benefiting agencies and the public.” Jim has a large extended family in his fellow 39 employees at PRE, who have had the good fortune to work with and learn from him. PRE wishes Jim all the best in his retirement pursuits.

Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. Organizational Changes

Date: July, 2014

Image Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. is proud to announce the assignment of Jennifer Purcell to the position of President/CEO. Jennifer assumed this role July 1st when former President/CEO Cathy Hirsch moved into her new role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for PRE. Jennifer is a seven year veteran of PRE previously serving as the firm's Chief Senior Communications Project Manager and Engineer. Ms. Purcell is a graduate of the University of California Irvine and holds Professional Electrical Engineer licenses in California, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

Ms. Purcell served as a Communications Engineer for the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA). Completion of their communications backhaul projects were a critical step in the development of Metrolink's Positive Train Control (PTC) safety systems. Ms. Purcell is providing design support for North County Transit District's (NCTD) communication backhaul projects for their PTC implementation. She is also working on communications designs for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and San Diego Metropolitan Transit System.

When reached for a comment, Ms. Purcell vowed to continue the strong client support and relationships that has become PRE's trademark over its twenty years in the rail systems business. Ms. Purcell is also looking to expand PRE's role in assisting the industry to meet the critical schedule demands of the nation's Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and its PTC requirements. Jennifer will strongly be focusing her attention on developing and expanding the skill set of PRE's in-house staff while supplementing it with new hires in the upcoming year.

Annual Halloween Potluck 2013

Date: October, 2013

As the clocks readied to repeat the same hour, PRE employees were fast at work preparing their ghostly treats for yet another year of gala and All Hallows Eve. Many of us feel the need and desire to shed our mere mortal costumes and show what is really underneath our everyday PRE appearance.

Yes, is that time of year again, where PRE employees gathered together to enjoy the PRE Annual Halloween Potluck. It is an event that PRE employees look forward to each year! Not only is it an event where they enjoy coming together as a team to share successes and their favorite recipes, but it is a time to eat fabulous tasting food and visit with coworkers! Yes, it is true that PRE is a great place to work and takes great pride in her employees. Our employees are top notch even if once a year they may look like Chewbacca, a bunch of desperate housewives, a she devil and Vince Neil from Motley Crue!

Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE) is on the move!

Date: Sept, 2013

Image President and CEO Cathy Hirsch announced today the expansion of the San Diego office. Ms. Hirsch pointed out since PRE opened its first office in San Diego, PRE's projects have more than doubled in San Diego.

Cathy went onto to say that PRE has enjoyed working closely with MTS and NCTD locally and looks forward to assisting them in meeting the demands being placed on these agencies by expansion projects and the need to meet the federal requirements for Positive Train Control (PTC). To meet this demand PRE will be relocating personnel from their Carlsbad office into an expanded San Diego office. Cathy stated that PRE is constantly in touch with the market and shows how fast PRE can mobilize highly trained personnel at a moment's notice. PRE maintains a healthy amount of skilled professionals who are completely focused on the rail systems market for Communication and Signal technologies.


Date: May, 2013

ImagePacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE) receives the vote of confidence from Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LAC-MTA) engineering group to serve as a Prime Consultant and provide services relating to Signal, Communication and Train Control Systems for a term of five (5) years.

This is PRE's fourth "On-Call" Prime Consultant selection in 2013! More and more clients are contracting with PRE to support their staff with on-call systems based contracts. PRE continues to demonstrate how swiftly they can react with locally qualified personnel. Clients are realizing that PRE is one of the more highly sought systems consultant in the western United States.

Under this contract PRE anticipates supporting LAC-MTA with a wide range of qualified personnel including qualified staff members on following tasks:

  • Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) relating to system based engineering
  • Train Control Detailed Design and Programming (Both vital and non-vital train control circuit design services)
  • Modifications and upgrades to existing Metro train control systems, including but not limited to:
  • Support on-going and future new design projects when requested
  • Track circuit and signal layout
  • Grade crossing layout
  • Cab signal control lines and safe braking calculations
  • Vital and non-vital circuit design
  • Programming of VPI, VHLC, Microlok II, and Electrologixs vital logic controllers
  • Development of test procedures
  • Train Control Design Review by assisting LAC-MTA Engineering Staff
  • Communication Design Services – Assisting with:
  • Fiber optic (SONET) communications backbone
  • Telephone systems
  • CCTV
  • Public Address (audible and visual systems)
  • Intrusion detection
  • Digital radio
  • Data Networks
  • Develop specifications and drawings for upgrade and / or replacement of the above systems and subsystems.


Date: May, 2013

Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE) has been selected by New Mexico's Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) to serve as a Prime Consultant on their “On-Call” professional services contract. PRE continues to build upon recent awards as more and more clients are finding PRE the answer to their Signal, Communication and Train Control Systems "On-Call" design needs. This award follows closely in the footsteps of PRE's recent awards in the Pacific Northwest with Tri-Met and Sound Transit PRE

This selection by MRCOG will allow PRE to provide MRCOG with “On-Call” Professional Services specifically relating to Railroad Track and Signal Design assignments. PRE's contract including any extensions or renewals could extend into 2017.

In announcing this recent award, Cathy Hirsch, President and CEO of PRE, recalled PRE's previous work with MRCOG, noting that PRE is no stranger to MRCOG citing PRE's work with bringing the Rail Runner Commuter Rail Service (Phase 1 and 2) on-line.

Ms. Hirsch went onto to say that PRE is very excited about returning back to New Mexico and with MRCOG. Additionally, PRE will be looking to expand on the work created from this GEC and to have a larger presence in the region and with MRCOG.

PRE Spreads its Wings and Heads North for the Winter!

Date: November, 2012

ImageToday President and CEO, Cathy Hirsch, announced that PRE has been awarded an On-Call Systems Engineering Services for Signaling and Train Control in support of Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TRIMET). Ms. Hirsch went onto say that as part of PRE's 2013 Business plan, PRE has sought to establish a presence leading to a full time office in Oregon. This "On-Call" contract will provide PRE the chance to bring PRE's "quality-based" service to TriMet and other clients in the region. Under this contract, PRE will be the Prime Consultant supporting a multitude of tasks that were identified in the scope of services. These tasks will allow PRE to demonstrate the widespread talent within our organizations. Tasks identified in the scope of services include:

  • Provide "On-Call" field based personnel that possess expertise and excel at trouble shooting field and office based TriMet systems
  • Assist TriMet engineers in integration and design for various signals elements
  • Develop, maintain and revise typical/standard drawings and technical specifications
  • Support on-going and future new design projects when requested
  • Assist in the design and development of in-service system modifications and system maintenance
  • Develop operating and maintenance procedures for TriMet and Contractors personnel
  • Develop new and/or review cost estimates at various design stages, including work associated with state-of-good-repair and system-wide maintenance projects

This On-Call contract is unique in that its initial value to PRE is a one year commitment contractor for $200,000, however as a rider to the contract TriMet can extend the contract an additional four years with the contract capping out at 1 million dollars.

Cathy Hirsch said she believes this is only the beginning of the work from this area and region and stands firmly behind the belief of winning clients over with the sound process of always delivering a quality project on time, within budget, and to show TriMet that they made the correct choice by choosing PRE!

Annual Halloween Potluck

Date: October, 2012

The PRE Halloween Potluck is an annual event which every employee looks forward to. Not only are there amazing dishes that are brought and shared, but there are many employees who get into the spirit of the holiday and dress up in costume. This year we had a pirate, a cowboy, Zack Morris, the grimm reaper, Wilma (from the Flintstones), a masked beauty, an elegant witch, twins and little red riding hood. This event has become a fun event which everyone looks forward to and enables our employees to have some fun time together as a team.

Having a strong team at PRE is very important. PRE believes in the phrase, "The team that plays together, shares successes together." Maybe next time when you are downtown Riverside and it is close to Halloween, you may notice several interesting characters in costume lurking around. Watch out, they may invite you in to our Halloween Potluck!

PRE Drug Awareness Drawing Contest

Date: October, 2012

Having a drug and alcohol free workplace is very important to PRE and one way to reiterate this to our employees is to have the whole family get involved. As many of you know, October 23 - 31 is Red Ribbon Week across the nation. This year PRE held its first Drug Awareness Drawing Contest to support Red Ribbon Month as well as our Drug Awareness Program. It is through education and constant reminders to the children in our lives that we will be able to help them understand the dangers of drugs abuse.

This year we had twelve (12) participants in the drawing contest. First place went to Lilly who won 4 tickets to the movies. In our eyes, all the children who participated in the drawing contest were winners and so each received a $10 gift card to Baskin Robbins!

Congratulations to all!

PRE selected by Port of Long Beach

Date: April, 2012

PRE has been selected by the Port of Long Beach (POLB) to support them by assisting through a "Professional service" contract to perform "Railroad Inspection". The POLB is proceeding with their long range plan to further develop and improve various components of their railroad based facilities supporting the rail operations on the piers.

These "On-Call" inspections along with programmed oversight of existing related facilities will be conducted both within and outside the marine terminals. The contract will extend for two years. The work will focus primarily on railroad systems related projects and inspection. PRE looks forward to continuing to support the POLB long range goals as well as build upon its successful past relationships with the POLB.

PRE selected by SANDAG

Date: January, 2012

PRE has just been awarded by SANDAG their "Small" size contract for "On Call Architect & Engineering Design and Environmental Planning Consulting Services. This five year contract with two possible one year extensions will address projects that highlight PRE's team's strengths including but not limited to:

Transit and Railroad Systems Engineering - These services include, designing transit and railroad signaling, communications (i.e., analog and digital), computer networking, system operation and optimization, switch machine rehabilitation and replacement.

Transit and Railroad Train Signaling -These services include, designing rail transit and railroad signal facilities, including wayside and grade crossing protection equipment and train-to-wayside communications in accordance with AREMA, FRA, and CPUC requirements.

Design Support During Construction - These services include, developing design changes to plans, specifications, and cost estimates during construction, reviewing shop drawings and submittals, field review, site condition verification, and developing as-built plans.

Constructability Reviews and Plan Checking - Review and analysis of preliminary and final plans, critical-path method schedules, specifications, and estimates. Additionally the services could include the identification of errors, omissions, and inconsistencies and provide recommendations to improve project constructability, operability, and maintainability. As well as developing best methods for compliance with construction permit requirements, environmental mitigation measures, and traffic management plans.

This SANDAG contract will address projects that have an estimated value between one and three million dollars. The contract will also support a whole host of possible entities including but not limited to: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) North County San Diego County Transit District (NCTD) Cities, Counties, and other local government agencies represented by SANDAG's Board of Directors.


Pacific Railway is Hiring!

We are always looking for the top talented, high-quality people to join us.