Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE), A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad System Design and Consulting has been in operations since May 1994, provides an array of services to our clients. PRE's staff have amassed an impressive accumulation of railroad communications and signal expertise in the areas of railroad freight, light rail, commuter and transit signal design, inspection, construction management and maintenance services.

  • A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad Signal Design and Consulting
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Major Project Accomplishments

Port of Long Beach - Pier E (Middle Harbor)


PRE is working to support the Port of Long Beach (POLB) on their 10-year redevelopment project for the Middle Harbor. This project proposes to redevelop the existing land and water involving Pier’s E and F as well as provide new land for expansion. The project would be accomplished in three phases; Phase 1 would renovate the existing Pier E container terminal while Phases 2 and 3 would renovate the existing Pier F container terminal and connect Pier E and F together to form a 342-acre container terminal that would include 48 acres of newly created land.

PRE has been directed by POLB to work closely with the Long Beach Container Terminal (Marine Terminal Operator) along with several other major design firms to develop a state-of-the-art railroad system for the proposed Intermodal Yard within the Pier E facility. This rail system includes the use of dual control (power and hand) operated switches along with power derails to support a quick and efficient operation on the port. To further support the POLB safety goals PRE is working on developing a “Train-In-Motion-System” (TIMS) that would give audible and visual warning to workers within the Intermodal Yard.

PRE has worked closely with the Marine Terminal operator, listening to their concerns regarding the safe operation of the terminal as well as providing assurance that the new remote control system is formulated not just to increase productivity but also to increase safety at the port. PRE’s design did just that by providing a design that was not only safe but cost efficient, making full use of computer desktop systems to support the dispatching of the rail based systems at the Marine Terminal.

In addition to efficiency to allow trains to move more freely and quickly into and out of the Marine Terminal, this control system logically protects workers by using the Blue/Red Flag protection concept that provides derail protection and train routing prevention for working on the tracks. PRE successfully worked with all of the stakeholders, POLB, Long Beach Container Terminal and Pacific Harbor Line (PHL), the port railroad operator, to create a request/authorization system for controlling train movement and automated TIMS operation at the Marine Terminal.

It is PRE’s hope to follow through our design efforts and support the POLB throughout the construction phases of this project.

Client Information

Port of Long Beach


The Port of Long Beach is one of America’s premier seaports and a trailblazer in goods movement and environmental stewardship.

Trade valued annually at more than $140 billion moves through Long Beach, making it the second-busiest seaport in the United States. Everything from clothing and shoes to toys, furniture and consumer electronics arrives at the Port before making its way to store shelves throughout the country. Specialized terminals also move petroleum, automobiles, cement, lumber, steel and other products.

A major economic force, the Port supports more than 30,000 jobs in Long Beach, 316,000 jobs throughout Southern California and 1.4 million jobs throughout the United States. It generates about $16 billion in annual trade-related wages statewide.