Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE), A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad System Design and Consulting has been in operations since May 1994, provides an array of services to our clients. PRE's staff have amassed an impressive accumulation of railroad communications and signal expertise in the areas of railroad freight, light rail, commuter and transit signal design, inspection, construction management and maintenance services.

  • A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad Signal Design and Consulting
  • Certified Small Business - CA No. 36200
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Major Project Accomplishments

SCRRA - Positive Train Control (PTC)


Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE), as a key member of the integration team, will assist Metrolink on their bold new initiative to install Positive Train Control (PTC). PTC is a regional and nationally mandated network that is designed to provide a train control system for all services operating over the line including passenger and freight operations. The system will be designed to protect passengers, train crews and railway workers as well as prevent accidents from occurring because of over-speed train movements, incursions into on-track work zones and operations not sanctioned by the vital signal system. PTC will enforce permanent and temporary speed restrictions on all mainline tracks.

The Metrolink PTC project is a $120,000,000 contract to design, procure, and install PTC technology on Metrolink's 512-mile Southern California commuter rail system. This initiative is the first in the country and is blazing the path that many will follow in the near future. PTC systems are now mandated by the federal government. The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 requires PTC to be in operation on the majority of the nation’s railroads by the end of 2015.

    Project Highlights

  • Performed field surveys of C&S facilities on all Metrolink Subdivisions
  • Created design drawings for over 165 new wayside PTC tower locations
  • Developed design drawings for installation of PTC equipment in existing Signal bungalows
  • Provided composite drawing which identified locations of all PTC towers
  • Provided installation drawings for all Tower locations, grounding and coax configurations
  • Performed construction inspection services of the PTC wayside facilities installations
  • Worked closely with design and installation contractors to ensure proper installation

The Metrolink PTC system design is based upon an open architecture to allow for full interoperability with all the rail service providers that operate on Metrolink’s system. These railroads include the Union Pacific (UPRR), BNSF Railway and Amtrak as well as the Coaster service operated by North County Transit District (NCTD). As part of this project Metrolink will upgrade and/or add significant technology including:

  • PTC Back Office Server (BOS)
  • Total replacement of the existing Computer Aided Dispatch system at the MOC
  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI) “on-board” train control displays for the engineer
  • New on-board Global Positioning train tracking System (GPS)
  • New and improved onboard radio upgrades for over 100 control cars/locomotives
  • Positive “Stop” enforcement at over 450 wayside signals
  • A fully integrated and redundant all line Metrolink communication network to link all wayside and central office functions.

The PTC system is dependent upon a complex and integrated communications infrastructure. The communications system is the most challenging portion of the project as the equipment and software has yet to be developed. PRE’s communication group has provided the project with technical expertise and an unmatchable knowledge of Metrolink systems and operations.

Client Information



Metrolink is truly a united effort, made possible by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), the Orange County Transportation Authority, the Riverside County Transportation Commission, San Bernardino Associated Governments and the Ventura County Transportation Commission. In 1991, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), consisting of the five county transportation planning agencies listed above, was formed to develop a regional transit service to reduce the congestion on highways and improve mobility throughout the Southern California region. In October 1992, Metrolink was born.