Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE), A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad System Design and Consulting has been in operations since May 1994, provides an array of services to our clients. PRE's staff have amassed an impressive accumulation of railroad communications and signal expertise in the areas of railroad freight, light rail, commuter and transit signal design, inspection, construction management and maintenance services.

  • A Woman Owned Corporation specializing in Railroad Signal Design and Consulting
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Major Project Accomplishments

SCRRA - Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)


The City of Anaheim, in partnership with the Orange County Transportation Association (OCTA), will make improvements to the existing Anaheim Metrolink/Amtrak Station located on the Los Angeles-San Diego Corridor (LOSSAN).These improvements will be in conjunction with the construction of the highly touted $184 million Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). ARTIC will be a world-class intermodal transportation center where connections can occur between Metrolink, Amtrak and OCTA bus services in one of the most active corridors in Southern California. ARTIC will enable connectivity to emerging transit services including: Anaheim Rapid Connection (ARC), (serving The Anaheim Resort, the Platinum Triangle and the Anaheim Convention Center) California High-Speed Rail, and California-Nevada Super Speed Train.

    Project Highlights

  • Provided coordination between Metrolink working CIS system and ARTIC communication needs.
  • Coordinated the communication design with the Architectural team members to ensure proper installation of CIS system, LCD monitor installations and TVM locations.
  • Provided the design of the FOC network and defined equipment requirements.
  • Performed field surveys of existing facilities and assisted in developing project phasing.

In order to facilitate the existing stationís interoperability with the new ARTIC center, changes and/or improvements are required to the Metrolink Signal and Communication systems. The modified station platform will require new communications facilities to support Metrolinkís Customer Information System (CIS), interface into Metrolinkís Operation Center (MOC) as well as introduction of new systems for communicating with the ARTIC center. In addition to the new systems the project will need to stage around and relocate/replace Metrolinkís fiber optic cable (FOC) and signal cable within the project area. PREís Communications work consisted of:

  • Designed communication and station platform infrastructure to meet Metrolink standards.
  • Provided construction phasing recommendations for new railroad bridge crossing Douglass Road.
  • Provided designs that would allow for a seamless transition from the existing stationís communications facilities to the new station communications shelter.
  • Coordination between Metrolink CIS system and ARTIC communication system.
  • Produced written specifications, drawings, and estimates for the SCRRA portion of ARTIC.
  • Provided the design of the FOC network and defined equipment requirements.

Client Information



Metrolink is truly a united effort, made possible by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), the Orange County Transportation Authority, the Riverside County Transportation Commission, San Bernardino Associated Governments and the Ventura County Transportation Commission. In 1991, the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), consisting of the five county transportation planning agencies listed above, was formed to develop a regional transit service to reduce the congestion on highways and improve mobility throughout the Southern California region. In October 1992, Metrolink was born.