Southern California Regional Rail Authority
Date Started:
Jan 01, 2012
Date Completed:
Dec 31, 2014
Anaheim, CA
About Project

The $127M Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) was a complex project that required coordination amongst several stakeholders, including: the City of Anaheim, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), Amtrak, Greyhound, and Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART). The building was designed with a unique architecture, using a structure with a compound curved shell that is covered with air-filled plastic pillows through which sunlight illuminates the interior. The arched roof is illuminated with multicolored lights visible from the surrounding area. It is located near major points of interest in the Anaheim area.

Project Scope, Successes

    Pacific Railway Enterprises (PRE) represented SCRRA stakeholder interests for implementation of their Customer Information System (CIS) components within the new intermodal center, including dynamic platform signage, schedule information monitors, integrated audio and ticket vending machines. A new dual tenant shelter was constructed for the station with features to complement its surroundings. PRE's goal was to maintain SCRRA station platform standards and equipment placements, while working with other stakeholders to find common ground in their overall design solutions. The project required a significant amount of coordination with other design firms, the prime construction contractor and their subcontractors. During construction, PRE devised a plan to operate when the backhaul fiber was stuck. 

    The project delivery method was design bid build, with 100% sealed design plans, specifications, and estimates. PRE leveraged its expertise to support the resolution of unanticipated fiber damage that occurred during early construction. PRE successfully coordinated fiber relocation phasing for bridge work and pedestrian underpass construction. In order to support the ARTIC opening date, PRE devised a schedule of remaining tasks for SCRRA CIS and oversaw their completion. This allowed the cutover of CIS and SCRRA’s network to occur in support of the opening date.

Project Highlights

    * Promotion, advocation and increased awareness of SCRRA station platform standards

    * Sealed design plans, specifications and estimates of SCRRA backhaul and CIS elements within the overall bid documents

    * Construction phasing for fiber backhaul access working with SCRRA's on-call construction firm

    * Design support during construction (DSDC)

    * Support of construction installation forces in the testing and commissioning of backhaul network and CIS equipment.

    * Temporary phasing of network to support ticket vending machines at both ARTIC and Anaheim Stadium Station to facilitate a seamless transition for Metrolink passengers.

    * Coordination with ticket vending machine installation contractor

    * Production of critical path schedule and recommended sequence of completion to meet ARTIC opening date