San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
Date Started:
Jan 01, 2014
Date Completed:
Mar 01, 2018
San Bernardino, CA
About Project

The Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project extended Metrolink regional passenger rail service approximately one mile east from its current terminus at the existing Santa Fe Depot to new Metrolink commuter rail platforms proposed at the new San Bernardino Transit Center.  The project consisted of several major components, including construction of a second track, rail platforms, parking lots, a pedestrian overpass at the Depot, an Omnitrans Bus Facility (bus facility), grade crossing improvements, railroad signalization, and roadway closures. The project also included construction of drainage improvements, utility accommodation, and implementation of safety controls.

Project Scope, Successes

    PRE worked diligently to provide the SBCTA with a railroad signal system that provides safety for passengers, pedestrians and drivers alike. Beginning at the earliest stages of development, PRE has provided conceptual layouts and worked with other disciplines to provide the agency with a railroad signal system which integrates with the rest of the project. Development of detailed signal designs is crucial to the success of the project, and PRE worked to produce a design which took into account the varying types of trains on the tracks and interfaces necessary between Metrolink and the BNSF Railway.

    The project included five crossings, and PRE created detailed designs that took into account the differing speeds of trains within the area and the necessary crossing warning system configurations needed. PRE attended diagnostic meetings and provided feedback on crossing improvements based upon solid experience.

    In order to provide a network backbone that connected with the rest of the Metrolink system, PRE designed a communication system which utilized fiber optic cable between stations, integrated with an existing Microwave location to send the data to the Metrolink Operations Center (MOC). The fiber cable was not only designed for Metrolink usage, but will provide a transmission medium for video data which will be available at the San Bernardino Station and San Bernardino Intermodal Transit Center and Transit Village for security uses. 

    PRE supported SBCTA by providing design review during construction, application development for microprocessor locations, inspection services and application support during the cutover. 

Project Highlights

    • Designed 3 new and modified 1 CTC Train Control Systems Control Points

    • Designed all new Railroad Crossing Warning Systems at 4 At-Grade Crossings

    • Designed all new Train Control and Station Communications Systems at 4 Control Points and 2 Station locations that included fiber and microwave networks

    • Coordinated with Civil Designers to achieve well integrated designs with other required project installations

    • Developed project specific specifications for required Train Control, Crossing Warning and Communications Systems

    • Developed cost estimates for all required RR systems