Southern California Regional Rail Authority
Date Started:
Feb 01, 2021
Date Completed:
Jun 30, 2021
Perris, CA
About Project

Provided communication design using SCRRA fiber standards to integrate a fiber connection to Intermediates on the Perris Valley Sub train control network.

Designed a fiber connection to the following Intermediates on the Perris Valley Sub:

• 681/682 MP 68.13

• 701/702 MP 69.8

• 731 MP 73.37

• 732 MP 73.69

• 751/752 MP 75.29

• 791/792 MP 79.1

• 841/842 MP 84.42

Project Scope, Successes

    The complete design plans will contain for each location:

    • Site overview: Pertinent fiber pullbox locations for splicing and adjacent slack. Conduit path and requirements to terminate into the shelter.
    • Shelter Layout: The intermediate signal shelter layout will identify where the fiber equipment will be placed.
    • Circuit Schematic: This schematic will detail connections, cable types, power sources and breaker sizes.
    • Equipment Rack Layout: Detail will be provided to show equipment spacing, cable management, power, shelving, and total rack unit (RU) space requirements.

    Reviewed the intermediate signal locations to place fiber distribution panels, Jumboswitches and assess power requirements. The intermediate signal houses are small and required smaller panels and switches to preserve available space.

    Produced As-Built drawings for all location upon completion of the project commissioning.

Project Highlights

    • Designed fiber distribution and network equipment for 6 Intermediate Signals
    • Designed Splices in existing Fiber Optic Cables
    • Design worked to minimize work windows