Rio Metro Regional Transit District
Date Started:
Jan 04, 2024
Date Completed:
Albuquerque, NM
About Project

19 Crossing Locations on the New Mexico Rail Runner (MNRX) will be upgraded to replace outdated and obsoleted HXP3 crossing predictors with new XP-4.  They locations are:

  • 887.77 North Farm 
  • 889.60 North Sadia 
  • 889.99 South Sadia 
  • 895.43 Ortega Road
  • 895.70 El Pueblo Road 
  • 896.09 Ranchitos Road
  • 896.24 Los Rachos Road 
  • 897.40 Osuna Road 
  • 898.47 Montano Road & Adjacent CP Hahn 
  • 911.87 Isleta Lakes 
  • 914.50 Santa Fe Trail 
  • 914.70 CR 53 
  • 914.99 Pueblo Xing 
  • 916.11 Tribal Road 40 
  • 918.92 Tribal Road 502
  • 919.80 Tribal Road 500 
  • 920.24 Griegos Road 
  • 920.83 Blaylock Avenue
  • 921.14 Trujillo Road 

Project Scope, Successes

    PRE developed signal design plans for all locations with proposed Build of Material list. Two locations that do not have record of cad plans, PRE utilized pertinent field scans and/or photos to redraw those locations. PRE performed warning time and battery calculations for sufficient approach distance and proper standby battery. PRE’s QA process was implemented on all locations to provide complete detail reviews of all circuits affected by the design. In addition, functionally review will ensure the newly designed equipment will function and interface with the existing railroad infrastructure. Once the project is complete PRE-will as-build the “AS IN-SERVICE” plans and/or field redlines provided by the construction team. 

Project Highlights

    • Railroad Crossing Design
    • Created Application Software for 24 XP4's
    • As-Built Drawing