Riverside County Transportation Commission
Date Started:
Aug 04, 2023
Date Completed:
Perris, CA
About Project

The project will improve 6.5 miles of existing freight railroad track to meet standards for Metrolink passenger rail service. The historic freight tracks are rated for much slower speeds than passenger trains require and is currently dark territory with 18 industrial switches along the 6.5 miles which will need to up upgraded and signalized and equipped with Positive Train Control (PTC). The upgrades will include reconstructing existing track and the addition of a second set of tracks between the Moreno Valley/March Field Station and just north of the Perris-Downtown Station along the 91/PVL. These improvements will allow for expanded Metrolink service in the area and safely accommodate local freight trains serving freight rail shippers along the corridor.

The improved tracks will offer improved reliability, increase service frequency, and keep on-time performance. Furthermore, the project expands transportation options by offering an alternate to driving, reducing air pollution, and serving underserved communities. Through these improvements, Metrolink will be closer to offering service every 30 minutes, consistent with the Southern California Optimized Rail Expansion (SCORE) Program and California State Rail Plan.

Project Scope, Successes

    Pacific Railway Enterprises, Inc. (PRE) will assist RCTC in providing design services for Positive Train Control (PTC), signal and communications related work for this project. Design will comply with SCRRA DCM & DPM, 90% phase shall include but not limited to:

    • Aspect charts and final scaled layout
    • Circuit designs and plans. Track circuit fouling protection, bonding, and locations of insulted joints on the circuit plans
    • Design for upgrading power switch machines to high voltage, high speed machines, when necessary
    • Fiber splice, fiber distribution panel connections, fiber node detail designs when necessary
    • Electrologist rack local control panel, relays, batteries, rectifier and miscellaneous equipment redesign for control points, when necessary
    • Design of enclosures location avoiding underground facilities and minimizing vibration impacts by operational movements, while ensuring access and security
    • Design of new underground cables
    • Meetings, coordination, review session, IDR, QA/QC
    • Cost estimate
    • Specifications
    • Request for Special Design Consideration 

Project Highlights

    • 6.5 miles of dark terrirory signalized and equipped with PTC
    • 18 Industrial Switches upgraded with new Leaving Signals
    • 2 Intermediate Signals
    • Upgrade #14 Turnout to #24 at CP Nuevo
    • Modification of CP March