San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
Date Started:
Nov 29, 2017
Date Completed:
Dec 31, 2019
San Diego, CA
About Project

MTS intends to modify the existing track circuit power network from interlocking E22 to E24 and upgrade the existing interlocking E26 with a fully interlocked microprocessor based train control system. Currently, this interlocking utilizes relay based logic that has been modified over the past twenty-five years. The relays in this system are no longer manufactured and are difficult to procure. There are consistent problems with red signals and consequently, train delays at this key location. 

This project designed and will implement a microprocessor based logic that will interface with the existing signal system. This modification will reduce the amount of track relays and replace all obsolete equipment that will improve the train on-time performance on the Orange Line.

Project Scope, Successes

    Perform an assessment of the existing conditions and recommendations for modification of the existing track circuit power network from interlocking E22 to E24; and 2) evaluate and design a fully interlocked microprocessor based train control system for Interlocking E26.

    Site Investigation/Verification 

    • Performed an assessment/recommendations of the existing track circuit power network from interlocking E22 to E24.

    Signal Design Development 

    • Produce Signal Drawings to install a Microprocessor at Interlocking E26 to interface with existing signal locations on both sides of Interlocking E26 and will include Coordination with Arinc for CTC. Consultant shall develop a recommendation for modifications of the existing track circuit power network from Interlock E22 to E24. 
    • Development of Signal Layout, detailed Location Plans and Estimates. 

    Software Development 

    • Develop application software for E26 interlocking.
    • Rack Tested Software

    Bid Support

Project Highlights

    • Site Investigation/Verification
    • Signal Design Development
    • Software Development
    • Bid Support