Riverside County Transportation Commission
Date Started:
Jan 30, 2023
Date Completed:
Perris, CA
About Project

Perris-South Station Expansion

The scope of this work would include the extension of the existing platform and the construction of a second passenger loading platform at the station along with canopies, and other passenger amenities. To service the new platform, 1,100 feet of new station track will be added to allow two passenger trains to load and deboard at the same time. This will also ensure the station remains operational if one train were to break down on the station track.

Perris-South Layover 4th Track

The scope of this work will include the construction of a 4th layover track at the Perris-South layover maintenance yard. This will include installing a new rail switch, track, and other items necessary for the operation of the track and layover facility. 

Project Scope, Successes

    PRE will provide design for the following areas:

    · Modifications to CP Steele for a new #10 turnout, relocation of westbound signals

    · New control point with #14 turnout, coordinate addition of new PTC/ATCS tower

    · New Pedestrian station crossing

    · Addition of Customer Information Systems (CIS) for extended station platform and new second station platform

    · Modification to Intermediate signal 841/842  

    PRE will provide design support during construction (DSDC) for the following areas:

    · Bid support

    · PTC, Signal and Communications related Request for Information (RFI)

    · PTC, Signal and Communications related submittal review

    · Change order cost estimates and plan set modifications.

    · Technical support for construction phasing, cutover readiness, and coordination with Metrolink  

Project Highlights

    • New Control Point
    • New Pedestrian Crossing
    • New Station Customer Information Systems
    • New PTC Tower