North County Transit District
Date Started:
Jun 27, 2019
Date Completed:
San Diego, CA
About Project

Dating back to the 1940s, Sorrento Valley had a short set-out siding which later became a stubbed end spur. The turnout and tracks work removed circa 1993 except the track through the at-grade crossing leaving two mainline tracks and the remaining spur track. 

Project Scope, Successes

    The project will remove the 3rd track and make other civil improvements including re-surfacing MT1 to match MT2, completely rehabilitate both tracks through the crossing, channelize pedestrian paths of travel using fencing and railing, remove and upgrade the existing 115# track to 136# to CP Sorrento, install warning devices along with a new signal house, and will provide 20 seconds of advanced pre-emption for the City to clear out pedestrian traffic. PRE performed field surveys, site diagnostic meeting, design of all surface improvements including track replacement and re-profiling, and design of the new warning systems with a new signal house.

    PRE's in-house civil design staff completed the required civil and track desing required for this project. 

Project Highlights

    • Road improvements

    • Replacement of all warning devices and signal house.

    • 20 seconds advanced preemption

    • Rehab both crossing tracks

    • Raise MT1 to match MT2

    • GO88B approval